We spent several days of our Los Angeles vacation in Malibu. The beaches were irresistible, the hikes ideal for our 2.5 year old, and the drive from Santa Monica was so easy and convenient. This picture is taken at Point Dume. We loved our entire vacation in L.A. but I must say that Point Dume transported us. Peering out from atop Point Dume, we could have been in Italy or South Africa. Read on for tips about the rest of our vacation and why L.A. is such a great place to travel with kids.

3 thoughts on “Malibu-tiful

    • Have been meaning to write a “thanks” to you for your note! Just posted a piece on Texas, which I actually wrote up for a friend’s site, but if you visit you will see a paragraph that explains how to find it. Check it out… may just be as surprised as I was about what a cool place Texas is to visit! Hope all is well! JR

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