A Home Away From Home

Sayulita Residence - Kie & Coe


Sometimes when I dream about vacation, a part of me gets excited to leave my “at-home” responsibilities behind as I check in at the hotel’s reception desk.   However, when I travel with my children or extended family, more and more often I find myself looking for that perfect house where we can all be under one roof and not have to deal with the logistics – or expense – of multiple hotel rooms.  When my early-rising kids wake up with energetic bodies and voices at 6am, it’s a relief not to have to worry that they will disturb other hotel guests.  It also makes for a calmer experience when we don’t have to compete for lounge chairs or a spot at breakfast.  On the other hand, it’s really the pits to pack everyone up and travel for hours, only to arrive at a rental home that is a huge disappointment.

Enter Kid & Coe (kidandcoe.com), a meticulously compiled selection of alluring properties that are child-friendly.  Their collection is gorgeous and expanding all the time and their site is so easy to navigate – you can explore by destination, type of vacation or even last minute availability.  So next time you’re planning a vacation, or if you simply enjoy being “virtually” transported to beautiful properties both far and near, check out kidandcoe.com.


Mallorca Residence - Kid & Coe





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