I have been obsessed with travel since I can remember.  From the time I was an infant, my parents toted me along on their vacations multiple times a year, so I credit them with my persistent travel bug!

Almost immediately after graduating from Columbia University,  I went to live in Southern France for six months, where I worked at a French-American cultural institute and traveled around Europe every chance I got. What brought me back home was the temptation of a family vacation to Singapore and Thailand.  After dabbling in advertising and in a talent agent training program at William Morris, I eventually decided to go to law school.  My best memory of law school was the three week vacation I took to South Africa after taking the Bar exam.  Shortly after I returned to the U.S, I began working as an associate at a mid-sized NY firm and then became in-house legal counsel at J.Crew.  Despite my full-time jobs I was able to work in a number of exciting vacations.  More recently I have continued practicing law on a freelance basis, which has been the best arrangement given my wishes to spend more time with my family and to travel.  Now that my children are in school full-time, I could not help but to get writing about my favorite pastime.  I hope you enjoy!

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